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Elies T.

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You are exposed to harmful noise more often than you think. Long exposure to noise above 80 decibels can cause hearing damage. That is why it is important that you protect your ears well. At Nonoise we have been working for 20 years to protect your ears in the best way. Due to the unique design of our ceramic filter, we only remove the sound that is harmful from your ear canals.

Filters only what you don't want to hear

The unique venturi-shaped filter only blocks out noise that you don't want to hear. This way, wherever you are, you can continue to enjoy every situation. Your conversation partner remains audible and you are not completely cut off from traffic with the comfort of being able to wear Nonoise all day long.

Nonoise is the way to protect your ears and focus on what you are doing. Ultimately, we released 8 different earplugs so that you can tailor Nonoise precisely to your daily life.

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