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Why hearing protection is indispensable.

About 13% of the population suffers from hearing damage. And the worst part is that hearing damage can never be remedied.
Even without being at a rock concert every weekend, you are exposed to harmful noise more often than you think. Long exposure to noise above 80 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage.

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Premium and unique filter technology

for optimal sound experiences

The best protection for every situation

Every situation requires a different type of hearing protection. Using our unique filter technology, we at NoNoise have distinguished 8 different products so that wherever you go, you can enjoy what you are doing.

The magic is in the filter

  1. Unique ceramic filter, tailored to dampen specific sounds. Placed inside the ear, not outside as with other products.
  2. Unique venturi-shaped ear canal, centrally located in the filter.
  3. conversations remain clearly audible while sounds you don't want to hear are reduced to a safe level. Prevents the "clogged ears" effect.
  4. Three-dimensional design that provides comfort for all-day wear. Suitable for all ages.
  5. Silicone-free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic material.



We guarantee that the earplugs will last more than 100 uses. It is important that you clean your earplugs properly. Earwax can damage the earplugs.

You will find cleaning fluid in every package. This cleaning fluid comes in a handy 50 ml spray bottle and is ideal for general cleaning and hygiene of your hearing protectors (or other non-electric hearing aids). Dry the earplugs with a clean tea towel or tissue. You can use the earplugs again immediately.

All NoNoise earplugs use the three-section design. This means that you can place the earplug in your ear until your ear canal is closed. This makes the earplug suitable for all ear sizes.

Gently pull the ear up and back. Place hearing protector
and turn until it is tight. To remove, pull out gently twisting.


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